Sara's despair (New story)

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Sara's despair (New story)

Post  cleverusername on Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:45 pm

Hello everyone. I don't particularly understand this forum or what's going on. The original wedgie girls page was so much better. Anyway, yeah this is my first time writing a story. Tell me if you like it. Also, I encourage everyone to write stories of their own. Also, here's a pretty good wedgie poll.

Sara's despair

This story begins, as most of these stories do, with an energetic teenage girl. Sara was pretty, athletic and rather popular. She had light brown hair, a thin body, and a shapely butt that looked fantastic in panties. She was about 5 foot 5 inches and she had decent size breasts for a girl her age. She had just recently turned 16 and was about to enter her junior year of high school.
The only real problem with Sara was that, sometimes she could be a real bitch to her friend. Sara was kind of self-obsessed and she often annoyed her friends with her obnoxious ego. And her friends had a plan to teach her a lesson.
On the night before school started, Sara and her friends were planning on having one last summer sleepover before the boring routine of school started. Sara's two best friends, Melissa and Jess, had been planning their "intervention" for weeks on their friend. They had gathered all the supplies, worked out a plan. and had made sure that they would not be disturbed during their sleepover.
Luckily, their plan would work perfectly because Jess was an only child, and her parents were in Vermont for their honeymoon. Jess had the house all to herself. For a full week. No distractions or interruptions....

Sara glanced at the clock. "6:07". It was about time to start walking over to Jess' for the slumber party. Sara sprang off her bed and strolled over to her closet wearing her nothing but a matching pair of pink panties and a bra. She looked in the mirror and admired herself for a moment. Her boobs were growing nicely, she was a solid C cup, and very perfect. Sara turned around to check out her ass. Sara had always liked her ass and she found it to be one of her favorite qualities. She gave herself a playful smack on her butt and watched as it turned a little red. Sara was a virgin, but she had always felt that if she were to ever have sex, she would love to have a guy smack her ass during it. She loved the feeling of getting spanked.
Sara donned a pair of blue booty shorts and a white tank top and grabbed her bag to go to Jess's.....

"Hurry up! We have to be all ready by the time she gets here!" Melissa shouted at Jess.
"Hey, its my freaking house and my idea, if I want to take my time, I'll take my time." Jess retorted angrily.
"Yeah well someone is getting punished tonight, and if everything isn't set up by the time that bitch gets here, it'll be your ass that's hanging from the hook." Melissa yelled back.
Jess stayed quiet and started working faster. She knew that Melissa could easily bend her over her knee and hold her there while she spanked Jess. Hell, over the 4 years that they had been friends, Melissa had spanked her tons of times. Melissa, being 5 feet 10 tall, was the unofficial leader of the group. She had fluorescent blond hair and huge boobs that she loved to flaunt all around school. Jess, on the other hand, was a the shortest of the group. She was only 5 feet 2 inches tall, and very petite. Jess had jet black hair that she usually put into springy curls that dangled from her head. Just by sheer physical size, there were countless times when Jess found herself bent over and being given massive wedgies by Melissa. Wedgies and spankings were the main punishment that this group of girls used to tease and play with each other. They gave them to each other frequently. So frequently, that all of the girls had started buying cotton panties in the 3 pack. They chose cotton because it was difficult to tear, and they bought them in 3s because this group went through ALOT of panties. All three girls were very turned on by wedgies, and were never too upset to receive them. In fact, recently the girls had started noticing how wet their pussies while they were giving or receiving wedgies. Particularly Melissa's. Melissa had recently started getting more and more turned on based on the amount of pain she had inflicted on her friends. And tonight, she was going to be brutal on that little bitch Sara.
"Done! Happy now, you jerk?" Jess chirped from over near the rig. Melissa walked over to inspect the system of pulleys and ropes Jess had set up.
"Yeah, that doesn't look bad, but....." Suddenly Melissa kicked Jess onto the floor on her stomach. Before Jess could get up, Melissa sat down on top of her. Jess wriggled and fought because she knew what was coming.
"No, come on, Mel. Please don't! You've already ripped 3 pairs of my panties this weak, and these are really cute!" Jess pleaded.
"Too bad, don't call me a jerk." Melissa slipped her hands around to the front of Jess' jeans and began to unbutton them, revealing Jess' white cotton panties with pink polka dots. Jess kicked her legs as Melissa slowly slid off her friend's jeans, making sure to brush her hand over Jess' cute little pussy. SOAKING wet.
With her pants around her ankles and her panty-clad ass exposed, Jess knew that she had no other option but to just accept her punishment.
Melissa clasped her hand around the waistband to the pink polka dotted panties and began pulling. Jess yelped and arched her back as she pleaded with Melissa to stop. Melissa got the panties all the way up to Jess' shoulders and then fastened them to her bra in a bra-connection wedgie. Melissa let go and looked at her accomplishment. Then she saw Jess' tight little ass, squirming in a useless attempt to remove the panties from her ass. Melissa suddenly brought her hand down on Jess' ass and WHACK. Jess yelped even louder when she felt Melissa's large hand collect with her right butt cheek.
"Fuck, Mel, come on, I've had enough. Let me up please?"
"Not yet, you haven't learned your lesson yet, bitch."
SMACK. Jess felt it again and her whole body jumped. What's even worse was that the wedgie was getting so bad that she could start to feel her panties sliding in between her pussy lips. It didn't help that she was dripping wet essentially leaking all over her pretty new panties.
"Please Mel, I'm sorry!"
"Not yet you aren't" As Melissa smacked Jess' ass twice in quick succession.
After 10 spanks, Jess' butt had turned noticeably red.
After 20 spanks, Jess had begun to whimper.
After 30 spanks, Jess was completely sobbing uncontrollably.
Finally, Melissa had mercy and got off of Jess. But as Jess started to get up, Melissa suddenly grabbed her panties and hoisted her back to her feet.
"OWWWWW" Jess screamed at the top of her lungs.
Melissa didn't let go either. She just kept yanking on Jess' panties until Jess was balancing on her tip-toes, trying desperately to not be swinging in the ground. Melissa saw that Jess wasn't getting the full effect of the wedgie so she began to bounce Jess up and down. She would easily hoist Jess into the air, where Jess' legs would kick and she would scream and beg, and then Melissa would lower Jess enough to be back on her tip-toes. This continued for 5 or 6 times before Melissa spun Jess around to look at the front of her. Melissa saw Jess sniffling, trying to wiggle the wedgie out of her ass, and then she noticed Jess' panties. They were dripping wet.
"Oh, so this whole thing turned you on a bit, huh, you little slut."
Jess got all embarrassed and shyly said "no...."
"Oh well, I guess it won't matter that much if I do THIS" Melissa suddenly grabbed the front waistband of Jess' panties and hoisted it even deeper into her pussy. Jess howled and started jumping up and down to alleviate her pain, but it was no use. And despite the tremendous pain she was in, Jess just found herself getting more and more turned on. Jess suddenly felt close to an orgasm as Melissa was yanking her panties deep into her cunt.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fine, yeah, it turns me on a little...." Jess conceded.
"A little? You're soaking wet. Fine what if I do this THIS" Slowly, Melissa slid her hand into Jess' panties and felt her moist pussy. Melissa slowly began to rub her friend's pussy with one hand, while giving her a massive frontal with the other hand.
Jess moaned, despite her best efforts not to.
"HAHAHA, you really are a little slut, aren't you? Okay fine. Let's ramp things up." Melissa began to get much more aggressive with her fingering. She moved faster, went deeper, and stuck more fingers inside of Jess. This was all happening while Jess' white cotton panties were digging into her ass from the bra connection wedgie.
"Now, whose bitch are you?" Melissa questioned as she reached around and started to tug on Jess' panties from behind.
"Oooooh, I'm your bitch, Mel" Jess cooed as she was dangerously close to climaxing.
"You're damn right you are" Melissa stated as she pulled harder and harder on Jess' panties and fingered her cunt more aggressively.
"Now jump up and down bitch!" Mel commanded without releasing her hold on Jess' pussy or her panties. Jess did as she was told and started jumping up and down. It hurt coming down because her panties and Mel's fingers were waiting at the bottom to try to split her in half.
Jess couldn't hold it any longer. She started to orgasm, Mel saw this and gave a final tug on Jess' panties. RIIIIIIIIIIIIP the panties broke just as Jess climaxed and she fell to the floor in a wet, writhing, moaning mess.
And then DING DONG. The door bell rang..........

Comment and take the poll if you want me to continue


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Re: Sara's despair (New story)

Post  Dylard336 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:09 am

That was awesome, continue it please


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